Galv Sleeve Anchor 12mm

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Galvanised Sleeve Anchor 12mm available in six differenet lengths: 60mm, 75mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm & 130mm

  • A pre-assembled expansion anchor that consists of a threaded plow bolt, a sleeve and a serrated flange nut.
  • Hexagonal head
  • Designed to expand when nut is tightened – the expanding sleeve is forced against the wall of the hole.
  • Can be used for various base materials such as concrete, solid brick or concrete block.
  • All components are galvanised for durability.

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Galv Sleeve Anchor 12mm

12mm x 60mm, 12mm x 75mm, 12mm x 80mm, 12mm x 100mm, 12mm x 120mm, 12mm x 130mm