12mm ZYP Flush sleeve anchor Grade 8.8





Flush sleeve anchor ZYP grade 8.8 in 12mm diameter – available in three different lengths: 65mm, 80mm and 105mm

The Flush Head Sleeve Anchor is a medium duty, pre-assembled, torque controlled expansion anchor consisting of a threaded plow bolt and a pressed carbon steel sleeve designed to expand when cone is tightened – locking the sleeve against the wall of the hole. The flush head leaves the fixture with a more discrete or ‘clean’ finish than a traditional hex head. Ideal for various base materials such as concrete, solid brick or concrete block. Grade 8.8  is the tensile strength – 116,000 psi. ZYP is the zinc passivated yellow colouring.

Additional information

Flush sleeve anchor ZYP 12MM grade 8.8

12mm x 65mm, 12mm x 80mm, 12mm x 105mm