M12 ZYP Masonry Screw Anchor





M12 ZYP Masonry Screw Anchor  available in three sizes –  75mm, 100mm & 150mm

These are a single unit screw anchors that are typically used in solid concrete applications (precast, formwork and finished) but can also be used in steel construction. Fixing is achieved by screwing the anchor into the hole. As it is screwed in, it creates its own undercut by tapping the hole. The cutting and locking mechanism enables anchors to be used close together and close to the edge of any application. The zinc yellow coating is suitable for most indoor applications. and these screw anchors are mainly used in medium duty anchoring situations. Ideal for applications that may require anchor removability.

  • No expansion forces, enabling smaller edge distances and anchor spacings.
  • Simple penetration/installation through object to be fastened
  • Case hardened that enables the anchor to cut the concrete and lock itself in place.
  • Variety of diameters & lengths to suit different applications
  • Fully removable and can be immediately used


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M12 ZYP Masonry Screw Anchor

12mm x 75mm, 12mm x 100mm, 12mm x 150mm